A new standard for work wear,
combining authentic work wear design with the essence and
attention to detail of tailoring.


Until now, the use of work wear has been limited to certain people,
in certain places, and on certain occasions.
Based on the concept of "a new standard for work wear",
we create new values to free work wear from the limits imposed on it,
and propose apparel which will be worn and cherished for a long time.

Hallmarks of our design include:
Designs and silhouettes which unlock the endless possibilities of work wear.
Textiles chosen with scrupulous attention to detail and overall image.
The rugged yet refined essence of tailoring.
Versatile coordination and colour development to suit all occasions.
Gender-free garments and design.

Whether you are on or off the clock;
at work or at play;
outside or even at home;
UNFORM work apparel is the perfect fit for any environment.
This is our new standard for work wear.


Why do we hesitate to go to upmarket places in our work wear?
Why do we limit work wear only to the workplace?
We want to create work wear which is not limited to or by certain people, places or occasions.
We want to offer garments which combine the essence of fine tailoring with the universal design of work wear.
We want to create a society in which one can wear a jumpsuit as formal wear, even to black tie events.
More importantly, we want clothes to be worn and cherished for years.
We want people to wear the same garments over and over, rather than wearing something once and discarding it.
We want to create a new standard, in which we all reject the cycle of mass production and mass waste,
and instead join the fight against global warming,
support fair trade, offer help to developing countries and care more for one another.
We want to create a world in which the manufacture of goods which can be adapted to any environment is the standard.

UNFORM was started to realise our vision.